OpenText Expands AI Partnership with Google Cloud

OpenText has announced the expansion of its partnership with Google Cloud, a move aimed at facilitating AI-powered integrations designed to enhance organizations' utilization of their data stored on Google Cloud for competitive advantage.

By combining OpenText's information management solutions with Google Cloud's AI capabilities, the collaboration aims to streamline insight generation, productivity, and customer experiences across organizations.

The extended partnership aims to leverage OpenText's technology and expertise in various industries, including healthcare, financial services, climate initiatives, and government operations.

The announcement was made by Muhi Majzoub, Chief Product Officer at OpenText, who highlighted the significance of information and AI in shaping business decisions. He noted that the fusion of AI and information presents an opportunity for businesses to operate more intelligently and foster growth.

The collaborative effort seeks to expedite customers' transition to cloud environments by offering services that facilitate the migration of critical workloads to Google Cloud infrastructure. This transition also entails preparing businesses to effectively adopt data analytics and AI technologies.

The partnership introduces new generative AI applications, introducing novel use cases across research and development, application delivery, business support, sales, marketing, and more. Additionally, OpenText Core for Google Workspace combines collaboration and content management with Google Cloud's Vertex AI-powered insights, creating a unified digital employee experience.

For businesses relying on mainframe infrastructure, solutions like Google Cloud Dual Run are set to play a pivotal role in facilitating cloud migration, a move aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and agility.

OpenText recently launched and is using Google Cloud Vertex AI and the Palm2 large language model (LLM) to provide conversational assistants and automated customer response.  

“Generative AI has the potential to transform industries, helping businesses get more value from data and enabling their workforces to collaborate more effectively,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Partner Ecosystem & Channels, Google Cloud. “OpenText’s expanded capabilities will accelerate customers on their cloud journeys, with services that migrate critical workloads to our infrastructure and set them up to successfully adopt our data analytics and AI technologies.”

The expansion of the OpenText and Google Cloud partnership represents a calculated step toward integrating AI-driven advancements into data management and analysis. By merging OpenText's expertise with Google Cloud's capabilities, the collaboration aims to offer businesses enhanced tools for decision-making and growth, particularly in sectors seeking transformation.