Katonic.ai unveils Generative AI Playground

Australian firm Katonic.ai is looking to capitalise on the surge in interest in Generative AI, offering a range of different options to integrate the technology with corporate applications. The company has delivered a portal that provides an opportunity to test a large number of open source large language models (LLMs), with more than 50 to choose from at https://playground.katonic.ai/

One of the first free tools it has made available is a chatbot that can be implemented on your own Web site or intranet, although the free version only scrapes the home page, with additional pages able to be added individually.

A Search tool is promised to be next to be released offering the capacity to build a Semantic Search engine powered by LLMs.

Katonics.ai CEO Prem Naraindas said “We predict that most organisations will begin with experimentation, then fine tuning a model and then eventually building their own. We can go with them on that journey.”

Naraindas suggests there are a series of options to implement Generative AI, beginning with simply utilising the off-the-shelf tools leveraging available LLMs. There are various levels of customisation that can be applied to these tools by building content restrictions, using database lookups and fine tuning to tailor LLMs to an organisation’s needs.

Many companies have banned ChatGPT over concerns that proprietary or sensitive company information given to the AI could be unintentionally shared with other users.

The most expensive and complicated model is to build your own application and train it from scratch with your own data.

Katonic.ai offers a MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) platform that enables the implementation of AI capabilities simar to ChatGPT but based on an organisation’s own data.

Although the company warns that this can be a “Very expensive endeavour with high risks [and needs] cross-domain knowledge spanning from NLP/ML, subject matter expertise, software and hardware expertise.

“It is less efficient than the Customise option as this leverages existing LLMs, learning from an entire internet’s worth of data and can provide a solid starting point.”

Katonic.ai has teamed with solution provider Collabera Digital to establish Generative AI labs in key cities in APAC.

“We are very excited about this partnership with Collabera Digital,” said Naraindas. “By combining our expertise in AI and Collabera Digital’s network and reach, we can make it easier for businesses to take advantage of generative AI capabilities quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.”

The partnership aims to fine-tune Generative AI models and install them directly on the organization's infrastructure.

 “Generative AI could automate or augment around 65% of tasks across industries, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and reducing costs. We are delighted to partner with Katonic.ai to offer these upgrades to our clients in APAC,” said Anil Snehi, Executive Vice President & Regional Head of APAC, Collabera Digital.