iCognition deploys secure EDRMS cloud for Treasury

Australia’s Department of the Treasury has gone live with iCognition’s secure Content Manager EDRMSaaS.cloud. The Treasury selected iCognition as its long-term partner to help it seamlessly transition the Department from its current on-premise solution to a future-proofed and highly secure IRAP-protected cloud-based EDRMS, EDRMSaaS.

iCognition upgraded the on-premises EDRMS to Content Manager version 10.1 and transitioned it to the iCognition Cloud within 60 days. With the launch of Treasury’s EDRMSaaS, Treasury’s Content Manager environments have been migrated to the new service to ensure ongoing management in a highly secure service.

The iCognition solution manages the Department’s information to the highest available level of security, with assessment at the PROTECTED level by Information Security Registered Assessor Program (IRAP) and ISO 27001 certification.

As a central policy agency, the Department provides advice to the Government and implements policies and programs to achieve strong and sustainable economic and fiscal outcomes for Australians. As such, records and content management are a critical asset for the Department.

Rohan Ahluwalia, CTO at iCognition, said “iCognition’s EDRMSaaS Content Manager Cloud provides the Treasury with a proven and secure SaaS solution that is the most advanced in the market. EDRMSaaS will continuously evolve and provide the best protection from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.”

Treasury joins iCognition’s other clients on the EDRMSaaS platform, including Australian Digital Health Agency, The Tasmanian Department of Natural Resources and Environment, University of New South Wales, and clients in the financial and regulated industries market.

Joe Mammoliti, Chief Executive Officer, said: “iCognition’s long-term relationships and deep understanding of our client's people, systems and processes enabled us to seamlessly transition them from on-premise to our secure cloud. Our proven capability and advanced cyber security assessment is widely trusted by both Federal and State governments. Our secure cloud solution and expertise gives them confidence that their decision to upgrade will meet their compliance demands and increase organisational efficiency.”