Digital Mailroom solves data entry issue for UK solicitors

Wollens Solicitors has grown into one of the largest solicitors in the southwest of the United Kingdom, with over 150 employees positioned across three offices. As a result of their rapid company growth, the law firm struggled to keep up with the volume of paper within the business.

Wollens Solicitors needed to find a solution that would help improve efficiency and drive everything towards a digital process. The key issue was to find a system that any team member in the organisation could use easily and efficiently to find important matter documentation.

Having been on their digital journey well before the pandemic, a new office move to an agile working environment was the key driver for a more virtual mailroom system. Despite investing in a digitisation process some time ago, employees were still spending hours manually processing correspondence. Whilst post was still being scanned, there was no way of integrating the existing solution into their case management system which meant the process was still very manual.

Wollens needed a solution that would allow employees to effortlessly capture all of the incoming mail from the 3 different office locations. The solution needed to automatically file and name their documents into the correct location in their case management system and eliminate as much manual indexing as possible.

The Digital Mailroom Solution

Wollens approached EzeScan to implement a digital mailroom solution that allowed employees to scan incoming correspondence via EzeScan Desktop Scan Workstations located across the three office locations. The scanned mail is then processed at a central office location, where EzeScan SERVER captures the case matter number and distributes it to the correct recipient utilising database lookups with the case management system.

Using the EzeScan WebApp, employees can then view and register their mail from any device, with EzeScan automatically naming and filing it against the correct matter in the case management system.

Wollens EzeScan Digital Mailroom Deployment Workflow

Wollens EzeScan Virtual Mailroom Deployment Workflow

“It was very clear from the outset that EzeScan would really solve a number of the problems we were facing in integrating into our SOS system. It made the second part of the digitisation process once mail was scanned much simpler by auto filing it in our case management system.” – Clive Meredith, Practice Director at Wollens.

The use of the EzeScan WebApps solution has resulted in fee earners and legal practitioners having the ability to triage their mail items in a similar process of going through traditional paper-based mail but with the benefit of approving these post items for upload into the correct folder/sub folder within SOS Connect via the click of one approval button. 

5 reasons why EzeScan’s Digital Mailroom will improve your business

The Digital Mailroom Results

With the help of EzeScan’s Digital Mailroom Solution, the law firm has been able to identify the areas in their business that weren’t working efficiently, particularly where staff were being consumed by paper. 

The big benefit for Wollens IT department is that there is nothing to install on a user’s device, since EzeScan WebApps is a web-based solution that can be used anywhere, that a user is safely connected to the internet and office infrastructure.

Additional benefits include the future proofing of delivery of mail items and reducing manual data entry. All staff have a view of their post for any given day, and access to it in a timely manner. The solution also provides the ability to easily route mail to another user if needed.

From a management point of view, Clive agreed that this solution solved all of the challenges that Wollens employees needed solving. “Unlike other solutions, within a few days from installation people had already started to bed down with it. If I took it away now, there would be uproar from our staff.”

Clive also noted that because EzeScan is really adaptable, they are now looking at other areas of the business where they can drive efficiency with EzeScan.

“EzeScan is a very clever bit of software. It can grow with us as a business and we have future development plans for it. We are now looking to develop EzeScan to scan our invoices and post them onto the nominals for us. It’s a very flexible solution and will help us drive many more efficiencies within the business.” – Clive Meredith, Practice Director at Wollens.