City of Port Adelaide Enfield automates governance

Through a joint tender with the City of Marion, the City of Port Adelaide Enfield evaluated several vendors and selected Harbour Software’s Doc Assembler platform to enhance their governance and internal processes.

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield originated from the merging of two cities, the City of Port Adelaide and the City of Enfield, making up one of the largest metropolitan Councils in Adelaide.

Located in the north-western suburbs of Adelaide, the city has a multitude of parks, cultural facilities, beaches, and recreational places, as well as some of the best historical buildings and landmarks in the State.

Aligned with their strategy, the City sought to “use technology and data to enable them to work smarter and deliver value.”

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield’s goal is to improve processes using innovative digital tools and enable workplace optimisation. To achieve this, they required an agile software technology that was able to integrate with their existing technologies and create more efficiency with automation. 

“What appealed about Doc Assembler was how quickly it could generate an agenda. It used to take us days to compile the report and now it’s within minutes,” said Danniele Worden, Senior Governance Project Officer – City of Port Adelaide Enfield.

“Our team needed a Software as a Service solution that would be easily accessed on any device in any location for real-time collaboration with multiple users.” 

The Brief and Development

Harbour Software delivered a clever and creative solution that provided the following benefits:  

- SaaS that’s accessible from anywhere, anytime

- Document version control

- Automate laborious and manual tasks

- Intuitive and user-friendly solution

- Integration with the existing environment

Doc Assembler has been specially engineered to significantly reduce the time and effort involved in building large documents and reports. Users can leverage robust and modern technology to add value to their organisation and transform the way they work.

 SaaS integration is key to connecting digital applications, enabling them to work cohesively and “talk to one another”. Integrated with other technologies, including Microsoft Office 365, Azure Cloud and Power BI, Doc Assembler offers a holistic approach to improving organisational performance.

Value Added with Power BI

The City currently uses a Corporate Performance Management digital tool and enquired if it was possible to integrate the platform with Doc Assembler so they can share information and streamline business operations.

Although it was not part of the original tender requirements, Harbour Software understands the importance of implementing integrated systems to streamline processes, reduce costs and ensure efficiency.

Therefore, Harbour Software extended the functionality to integrate the Corporate Performance Management system to work with Doc Assembler by customising the Power BI data warehouse to suit the City’s reporting requirements.

“The report writers are really happy with the product. They find it a lot easier and more intuitive to use than the previous product. From an end user point of view, it certainly has been beneficial,” said Worden.

“Melissa from Harbour Software delivered the training over a few days and it went really well. She helped us set up the majority of our templates which was excellent.”

“We have set up Doc Assembler for our Committee Meetings and there’s also a likelihood of implementing the platform to manage other types of meetings.”

“The team at Harbour Software has gone above and beyond in providing enough support for us to get all our various meeting documents up and running. I’ve never had this kind of service from a software provider, it’s definitely been amazing.”