Micro Focus and Kapish announce five-year global partnership

Micro Focus and Kapish have extended their worldwide Content Manager Cloud agreement to a five-year term. The global tech partnership provides secure cloud capability for Micro Focus’ Content Manager, helping government agencies and regulated organisations safely manage every step of their information flow. 

While there is widespread questioning of the future of the EDRMS in the manage-in-place era, Ryan Harris, General Manager at Kapish, is confident that Content Manager will retain its relevance in the future.

“I have no doubt there will continue to be a place for the EDRMS in the longer term to manage government and highly regulated industries where governance and security is paramount,” said Harris.

“We are starting to see more and more organisations looking to leverage metadata residing in their respective source systems. The key here is for organisations to be able to find and retrieve that information quickly.

“Manage in place is topical for many organisations, and in the discussions we've had in the market, there are many different views on what manage in place represents. There is no one single view of what it is as many organisations have their own nuanced view on it.

“The old mandate of ‘everything has to reside in an EDRMS for it to be one single source of truth’, is less relevant with organisations deploying the likes of Microsoft 365, Teams and SharePoint online to their mobile workforce. M365 is where most users spend their time nowadays, and why we have invested heavily into our Kapish365 product - called K365 for short - which is a full integration between Teams, SharePoint online and Content Manager.

“K365 enables users to continue collaborating and co-authoring documents in M365 while synchronising the relevant records in Content Manager in the background. This ensures the information is correctly classified, safely stored, the correct classification and retention rules applied and records management compliance is adhered to. As users embrace the flexibility of M365, organisations reduce their risk by maintaining their records in Content Manager for ready access in years to come. K365 facilitates this.”

The alliance with Kapish enables Micro Focus to provide Content Manager Select Software as a Service to almost 2000 enterprise customers globally. 

The one-stop managed solution combines the strengths of Kapish's well-established Content Manager Cloud, a secure SaaS solution for enterprise content management in the cloud; and Micro Focus' longstanding ECM product, Content Manager. 

The companies initially entered a three-year partnership last April, however the service’s rapid success fast-tracked the recent extension to a five-year deal. The agreement follows recent major client wins for Kapish including contracts with Australian Government research agency CSIRO and international trade agency Austrade. 

The decision also reflects a significant investment by Kapish in achieving IRAP assessment to a PROTECTED level and reaffirms the future of content management in a secure cloud environment. 

Ryan Harris, said: “The extension of the valuable partnership to a five-year period is testament to the transformative power of Micro Focus deploying Content Manager Select Software as a Service in the cloud on our Kapish Content Manager Cloud platform. We value the peace of mind our cloud-based content management solutions have been able to offer government and corporate customers around the globe. As the APAC Micro Focus partner of the year, this extended partnership builds on phenomenal demand for a secure cloud content management offering and provides certainty to customers who recognise the transformational value of adopting a managed service model." 

Peter Fuller, Managing Director at Micro Focus Australia & New Zealand, said: “Micro Focus is excited to be continuing our journey with Kapish, supporting customers’ digital transformation by extending Content Manager Select Software as a Service. This offering provides a modern, SaaS-based solution to customers worldwide and enables us to deliver our industry-leading Content Manager solution as a fully managed service to address the ever-increasing demand to transform information governance in the secure cloud.”