Kofax 2022 Intelligent Automation Benchmark Study

When virtually any business workflow can be automated, which do enterprise executives say are the most important and deliver the greatest value? That’s the focus of an Intelligent Automation Benchmark Study just published by Kofax.

According to the global study, Australian organisations are focussed on the following high-value customer, operational and financial workflows:

85% - Accounts payable automation

83% - Invoice automation

82% - Transaction processing

82% - Document security management

81% - Other

81% - Claims processing

79% - Bank statement processing

75% - Onboarding

74% - Digital mailroom

“Australian organisations did an amazing job adjusting to the challenges of the past two years, but it’s clear that this is just the beginning of their digital transformation, with many still using costly and inefficient manual processes,” said Andy Mellor, Regional Vice President ANZ at Kofax.

“The good news is that unlike the rest of the world, they were less likely to have adopted partially manual processes, meaning their global counterparts’ transformations are far from complete. So, with the right end-to-end intelligent automation platform, Australian organisations can leapfrog ahead and unlock business data that will give them a competitive edge

Enterprises are prioritising these workflows for a variety of reasons, from improving the customer experience to driving better decision making. Specifically, local executives say automating these functions are providing the greatest benefits:

92% - Optimizing customer acquisition and retention

90% - Running the business

89% - Maximizing the value of IT investments

85% - Improving customer engagement across multiple channels

81% - Enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction

72% - Ensuring compliance, data management and security

71% - Transforming back-office operations

63% - Gaining customer insights through data analysis

Download the Benchmark Study HERE