WyldLynx brings Voltage File Analysis Suite to Australian market

Micro Focus has announced that it has partnered with WyldLynx to deliver its 100 per cent cloud-based Voltage File Analysis Suite (FAS) solution for data discovery, access, and management in the region.

Carl Duncan, general manager, WyldLynx, said, “Wyldlynx has worked with Micro Focus for many years and is delighted to bring this latest revolution in data management to its Australian clients. By creating data transparency and security, Wyldlynx customers can mitigate risk and realise cost savings.

“WyldLynx’s clients appreciate that FAS is hosted in the Micro Focus AWS datacentre in Sydney. This means their data remains in Australia, adhering to strict data sovereignty requirements. Within just a couple of days, Wyldlynx can help customers set the right data parameters and get them up and running. FAS starts scanning and categorising the data straight away with automated follow-up actions based on an agreed rule set.”

In today’s operating environment, most organisations hold large amounts of unstructured data in various forms and in multiple repositories and business systems including file-shares, SharePoint, and emails. Some data is sensitive or confidential, some of it should be deleted or archived, and some, like credit card details and personally identifiable information (PII), should be better protected.

As the importance of data privacy and data sovereignty increases, there is a growing need for organisations to understand what type of data they store and where, so that they can make informed decisions about data classification and managing the data lifecycle.

Brandon Voight, regional director of sales, information management, Micro Focus, said, “This partnership is driven by customer demand and data sovereignty requirements in the region. It means organisations across Asia Pacific can now use FAS to comply with sophisticated data privacy regulations and understand what data is held where, so they can manage and protect sensitive data.

“When clients come to Micro Focus in response to a data breach, often we discover that the information exposed should have been deleted already anyway. With FAS, this is no longer a problem.”

FAS is a file analysis and data discovery solution designed to reduce risk, cost, and complexity. It lets users discover, analyse, review, and control unstructured data that resides on-premises or in the cloud.

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, it requires no underlying hardware infrastructure, maintenance, or support. Detailed data analytics provides visibility into all organisational data from a centralised location so organisations can address complex data privacy requirements.

FAS leverages out-of-the-box artificial intelligence (AI)-driven rule sets to describe sensitive data entities that need to be identified and protected. FAS integration with Micro Focus Content Manager delivers added value for existing and new customers looking to drive enterprise data preservation and disposition use cases.

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