PSIcapture unplugs the pipeline for Goode Rentals NZ

Auckland-based Rental & Property Management company Goode Rentals has solved a headache in data processing for water charges utilising a sophisticated capture solution from PSIGEN.

Implemented by the digital solutions team at local resellers Sharp New Zealand, the PSIcapture solution has greatly simplified the payment and processing of water charges, which had become complicated as the tenant only pays for the volumetric water used and the landlord pays for all fixed charges on the water notice.

Founded in 2009 to offer clients a complete and professional rental property management service, Goode Rentals caters for the full spectrum of the rental market.

This requires streamlined processes and accurate, timely data availability for both landlords and tenants. Goode Rentals uses the Palace cloud-based property management solution to manage and maintain the rental properties’ data and documents.

One of the key services that Goode Rentals offer landlords is to manage the payment and processing of water charges. This becomes complicated as the tenant only pays for the volumetric water used and the landlord pays for all fixed charges on the water notice.

This process takes considerable time when dealing with hundreds of water notices from different water suppliers like Watercare, Veolia and Waikato District Council.

Goode Rentals was using a service that took 4-7 days to enter invoices into the Palace solution, and they were finding documents missing or inaccurately entered for the property. This in turn, required the administration team to track and double check all the items. They would also need to remediate any incorrect data thus causing the team and key stakeholders a lot of frustration at the inefficiency and increased business risks.

They knew that to manage their growth, they would need find a solution that provided timely and accurate results.

The PSIGEN Solution

Goode Rentals worked closely with Sharp New Zealand’s (PSIGEN local resellers) digital solutions team and they were presented a solution that dramatically reduced the need for double checking, tracking and reviewing all water rate notices that were entered into Palace.

This was achieved by capturing emailed and hard-copy water rate notices which were scanned on Sharp MFPs and sent to a predefined email account.

The PSIcapture solution automatically identifies the new documents and processes them; autonomously extracting the key vendor and property information, fixed water charges, volumetric water charges and the previous and current water meter readings. All valid documents are then migrated using the Palace Property Management API to make them available within minutes to the Goode Rentals administration team, who can action in their Palace Document Flow process and any document that is identified as not being a water rate invoice is flagged and sent back to a user for review.


Today, Goode Rentals have peace of mind knowing that the hundreds of water rates notices that they receive monthly are processed accurately, and are available in the Palace solution within minutes, not days. This all happens seamlessly without all the headaches and loss of hair.

“Goode Rentals operates in an extremely competitive property management environment,” said Mr Darryl Goode, Founding Director.

“By partnering with SHARP New Zealand, the team at Goode Rentals were able to gain more time to focus on their customers and achieve timely and accurate information to support the management of the water billing processes for a property.”

The property managers at Goode Rentals are now more efficient and significantly happier. Since moving to the new service there have been zero errors. Tenants are being invoiced earlier and the landlord knows that Goode Rentals is supporting their interests and investments.

Darryl Goode (l), Founding Director, Goode Rentals and Steven Chenery, Managing Director, PSIGEN ANZ distributor Upflow