Kapish updates Content Manager toolkit

Kapish has announced the latest releases of Easy Link, Folder Wizard, and Web Grid, designed to save users time and effort in sharing and organising Content Manager records.

Easy Link 3.5, Folder Wizard 3.6, and Web Grid 2.01 are all verified as compatible with the latest Content Manager 9.4 release.

Easy Link provides an easy way to provide hyperlinks to Content Manager records. With the latest Easy Link 3.5, there are some new features designed to save users a lot of time.

Users now see a sample link showing the default link which can be used as is or customised. Easy Link also has the added feature of generating a link to initiate an Action; and prompt for a workflow assignee, if the next activity is unassigned, to help make sure every step gets actioned. To find out more about all the features in this release, see the Release Notes.

Folder Wizard 3.6 delivers new features to make automating the creation of Content Manager records even easier. Users now have more configurability to override the template security and use the default record type security.

This release also delivers the ability to tag multiple records to ‘Send To’; options for dealing with duplicate titles; and enabling sequential numbering for the number method by Container. To find out more about this release, see the Release Notes.

Web Grid 2.01 now delivers more responsiveness to search criteria in Saved Search as well as enhanced sorting functionality. Now more than ever, it is easy to dynamically publish lists of Content Manager content to an intranet, internet or SharePoint sites. To find out more about this release, see the Fixes and Enhancements Report.

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