Australian NFPs transform business processes with Cypher IQ

Two non-profit organisations have just released their findings on a brand new solution for business process automation created by Australian software development company Cypher IQ.
NSW Rural Doctors Network (RDN) and STARTTS (the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors) have both successfully adopted the new technology, which they say has radically improved their business processes.
As RDN reports, Cypher IQ’s tech solution has been instrumental in transforming the productivity, efficiency and transparency of their finance department – particularly in relation to purchase orders, invoice processing, and employee claims.
RDN’s travelling staff needed to be able to more easily complete administrative paperwork like purchase orders, accommodation and travel costs while on the road. With the company’s paper document burden steadily increasing, they also wanted to cut down on spiralling costs and associated environmental burdens.
Cypher IQ delivered a portal which staff could log in to and complete all their claims and transactions online. As Chief Financial Officer Phillip Brackfrod explains, “Cypher IQ has transformed our key business functions from paper-based manual processes into automated digital ones. It’s given us a highly efficient system for managing and approving claims and improving expenditure transparency – and most importantly, it’s adapted seamlessly with our existing MYOB system.”
STARTTS Accounts Payable Officer Marg Grierson agrees that the new software has created tremendous improvements for her organisation. “Being a non-profit, we have a fairly complex approval process – yet our old paper-based accounts payable processes were outdated and cumbersome, requiring multiple sign-offs. Documents also had to be shipped, faxed and emailed everywhere, greatly increasing the probability of loss.”
Cypher IQ implemented an accounting app that provided STARTTS with an online audit trail so that nothing could ever again be lost. Users can now easily see every invoice in the system, along with who it’s with and how long they’ve had it, speeding up approval processes, safeguarding records and greatly improving both transparency and accountability. ““The solution is fantastic,” reports Marg. “It’s been 100% customised to fit our requirements, it’s scalable, and it’s also really easy to use – which was a top priority.”
Just as important in both organisations’ decision-making process was the professionalism of the team at Cypher IQ. “What made the difference with Cypher IQ was the level of skill, insight and support offered by the team,” says Marg. “They just got it – and they’ve been with us every step of the way, making our journey to paperless easier than I’d ever thought possible.”
“The team are very much focused on how they can make the software do what we want, rather than expecting us to modify what we do to fit in with the software,” adds RDN’s Phillip Brackfrod. “Their product is highly flexible and adaptable – something that as a non-profit with strict compliance obligations is vitally important. It’s been very highly rated by the team here.”
Cypher IQ founder Cameron Lawes spoke of his reaction to the findings. “I’m incredibly heartened to hear the impact of this new technology on STARTTS’ and RDN’s business processes. We’re here to help these types of companies make the transformation to the paperless office, and I’m proud that our innovative automation tools are already having such a positive effect to support the important work of these organisations.”