NSW State Transit completes ECM journey with RecFind 6

The State Transit Authority of NSW has successfully converted its paper and digital records from an old copy of RecFind 5 to the new generation RecFind 6 product from Knowledgeone Corporation.

Frank McKenna, CEO – “State Transit has been a customer since 1995 but had been running a very old and unsupported Oracle version of RecFind 5 that had been decommissioned in 2009.

“We were able to convince them to upgrade to the current version of RecFind 6 and to convert all of their records from the old Oracle RecFind 5 database to the new RecFind 6 SQL Server relational database.

“The upgrade and conversion was handled by Knowledgeone Corporation staff working with key State Transit staff. The whole exercise was completed in under three weeks much to the delight of State Transit staff.”

State Transit is now in production with RecFind 6 and benefitting from a contemporary, faster, more functional and easier to use Electronic Document & Records Management System that will easily handle all of their records management, digitisation and compliance needs now and well into the future.

Anna Gengarol, Manager Business System Support at State Transit Authority, “Even though RecFind 5 was an old product it was very stable and met our needs. However, in order to be technically current and to meet our digital and compliance requirements, we chose to upgrade to RecFind 6 with the assistance of Knowledgeone Corporation staff.

“The project is now complete, on time and on budget, and all staff are very happy with the new RecFind 6 system.”

The implementation of RecFind 6 allows for automated retention processing, printing of colour barcode labels, scheduled reports, with  barcoding support for multiple transactions, bulk processing, and significantly improved and faster searching via full text, Metadata, Boolean and saved searches. There is also a vastly improved embedded report writer.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Frank McKenna at 61-2-8913-9301 or email at f.mckenna@knowledgeonecorp.com.