Fraser Coast one of 61 Australian councils to deploy Promapp

Fraser Coast Regional Council in Queensland has selected Promapp cloud-based business process management software to support the organisation.  The local govrenment area  includes the coastal tourist havens of Hervey Bay, Burrum and Toogoom, coupled with the Fraser Island and the Great Sandy Strait.

The organisation has 700 staff, including 600 IT users who provide a wide range of services to the community. Promapp was selected by Fraser Coast Regional Council following a comprehensive market review to replace its legacy ad hoc internal processes which lacked the reporting, mapping and presentation functionality to support its day-to-day operations.

At the same time, Council resolved to deploy a new enterprise management system, incorporating property, finance, payroll, asset and document management.  It required a business process management solution to drive process excellence across these new applications in order to gain greater visibility, improve process quality and assist with implementation.

“We had been using a multitude of report templates as well as Visio software to display how a process works, and although we looked at initially rolling out Visio to the business we ultimately concluded that it wasn’t sufficiently user-friendly and the sharing of information was both manual and time consuming,” said Wade Rogers, Executive Manager Information Services, Fraser Coast Regional Council.

“We had reports in some places, diagrams in other places and little way to document and report back to an individual process owner who may want to rapidly map information and share it with other users.  What we needed was a central repository for all our processes with automatic update capability to ensure processes are always current.”

The council will make use of Promapp’s process approval workflow module and the risk and compliance module which will enable them to integrate process and risk management, record all risks and risk treatments and link to audit functionality.

Another benefit is Promapp’s Local Government Shared Process Library which will enable the council to learn from the experience of other councils throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The shared process library itself includes over 2,500 processes developed by councils and uploaded to the cloud for sharing, including processes for activities such as building consents, resource consents, wastewater management, environmental health and environmental monitoring. 

Once Promapp is fully deployed later this year, council staff, whether at council offices or working at remote locations, will be able to gain visibility into a process and follow standard procedures.  Ultimately the Promapp solution will enable the capture of new business processes as part of the enterprise management system implementation.

For example, if a customer request for a water meter issue is received, a work order can then be generated and a council staff member dispatched.  Following issue resolution, all job costs can be automatically entered into payroll, and orders placed for new equipment based on a single, visible and approved process.

“As an organisation we are committed to the provision of timely, efficient, consistent and quality services delivered in an innovative manner.  Promapp will support this strategy, raise the profile of continuous improvement programs across the council and help to reinforce a smart customer-orientated organisation,” says Rogers.