Waverley Council takes HR digital with esigning

Sydney’s Waverley Council is accelerating its move to the digital age with the help of esignatures, as part of the 150-year-old council’s Digital Waverley program.

Rolling DocuSign out across its internal HR training processes, Waverley Council has digitised the last mile of its compulsory learning modules.

Previously, the process was paper-intensive and management heavy as the council’s 600 plus staff had to provide written signatures.

Paul White, Executive Manager for Digital Waverley said, “This often took weeks to turn around but now our employees can manage these forms, from signing through to approval, in up to 25 per cent less time.

“Additionally, DocuSign’s digital audit trail combined with a reduction in errors ensures we are even more secure and compliant with local government regulation.” said Mr. White.

“Waverley Council is well underway to building a digital local government model and positioning itself as a digital city. DocuSign plays an important role in driving this model forward by drastically cutting the time of internal form turnaround and establishing a strong foundation for future transformation without sacrificing on compliance,” concluded Mr. White.