APAC bank deploys $1M eFLOW5 solution

Top Image Systems is underway on a million dollar project to deploy eFLOW 5 at the Hong Kong subsidiary of one of the five largest international commercial banks in China. 

The bank, whose commercial assets and deposits rank it as one of the largest in Hong Kong, employs over 13,900 staff and earned $5.2B USD in 2013. A follow-up six-figure deal signed this quarter kicks off the deployment of this strategic project which will use eFLOW to process 44 million forms in 2015, expanding to 300 million forms per annum by 2019.

TIS’ eFLOW platform was selected to supply a robust system with the capability not only to handle a high volume of documents, but also required system compliance with its strict data security policies and integration with its complex IT infrastructure.

In the first phase of the project, eFLOW will be used to capture various customer information from forms scanned using web-based scanning functionality 300+ branches throughout Hong Kong. With this process, decentralised capture occurs at each point of origin which substantially reduces processing time and enables the bank to provide quick responsiveness to customers.

eFLOW will manage the end-to-end process by automatically recognising, extracting and validating data in the forms, handwritten in Chinese or English, and then send the forms for approval, all within eFLOW. When a form is approved, eFLOW then updates the core banking systems and automatically delivers an alert to the customer by post or mobile text message.

In the past, introducing new forms was time-consuming; with eFLOW’s user-friendly GUI and ability to define new fields, the bank can launch new forms much faster – a key advantage. In addition, the customer will leverage enhanced eFLOW5 banking process performance monitoring to improve Service Level Agreement achievement.

“TIS is very proud that eFLOW has been selected for this challenging banking process automation project, and we are excited to have this opportunity to improve productivity for the bank and responsiveness to its customers,” commented Alex Toh, TIS Asia Pacific & Japan Managing Director. 

“Bank management, as well as each branch, will have more control and better process transparency over its customers’ data, enabling customers to check status at any time.  The bank has high growth targets, and we are confident that eFLOW will enable our new customer to efficiently serve its growing commercial client base while providing even higher customer service.”