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A recent article in Image and Data Manager highlighted the report of a Queensland Parliamentary Inquiry (QPI) into the public release of confidential Fitzgerald Inquiry documents.  During the Inquiry, the Crime and Misconduct Commission’s IT Manager, Cliff Horwood was grilled over his inability to retrieve certain information about internal emails requested under a summons.


AccessData has announces the release of Summation 5.0 featuring an interoperable FTK license, Technology Assisted Review (“TAR”) and free training.


Ediscovery and data analysis firm Nuix, a worldwide provider of information management technologies, has formed a technology partnership with Cellebrite, a global provider of mobile data extraction, decoding and analysis solutions. 


Logicube has announced the launch of a new forensic imaging solution, the Forensic Falcon, that is able to copy hard disk images at up to 20GB/min. It can also image and verify from 4 source drives to 5 destination drives and allows users to image to and from a network location


Companies in most Western countries must take extreme care to protect any sensitive information they store relating to employees or customers. In Australia and New Zealand, we may soon be held to even higher standards.


KPMG, the audit, tax and advisory firm, has announced upgrades to its discovery management technology, Discovery Radar, which helps corporate law departments and law firms cut e-discovery costs and simplify management of large, complex litigation.


Cloud email management vendor Mimecast claims there is growing adoption of a new public API that simplifies eDiscovery efforts by providing secure access to Mimecast's cloud-based email archive. The new API can be seamlessly integrated with other eDiscovery solutions, quickly giving customers powerful search capabilities and comprehensive data intelligence, resulting in reduced compliance risks.


Technology for detecting sexually explicit image content has been added to the "app store" for forensic software platform EnCase from Guidance Software.


Cloud email provider Proofpoint has released a new tool to automate the collection and preservation of information for legal holds residing on Microsoft SharePoint. The new module works in conjunction with Proofpoint Enterprise Archive.


On the final hearing day of a Queensland parliamentary inquiry into the release of Fitzgerald Inquiry documents, Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) Commissioner George Fox defended Director of Information Peter Duell, who has taken ultimate responsibility for changing the embargo date on sensitive documents.


Lawyers may be enthusiastic about the prospect of comprehensive information governance as a means to reduce litigation e-discovery risks, but a survey of small and medium business by US analyst firm 451 Research indicates that non-lawyers, senior executives, and IT staff may not be placing a high priority on these legal and regulatory needs. 


Recordkeeping practices at Queensland's Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) remain in the spotlight at the ongoing Parliamentary inquiry into the release of sensitive documents from the Fitzgerald Inquiry, the landmark 1980s investigation into into state police corruption.


As discoverable content continues to grow at an accelerating rate, much of it has found its way into Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint's collaboration tools, its flexible management of documents and other data, and tight integration with Microsoft's Office suite has spurred its wide adoption in the legal industry. But SharePoint's flexibility also presents challenges, both for organisations that need to manage data contained in SharePoint sites, and for law firms tasked with executing sound electronic data discovery (EDD) methods.


ATC-NY has launched a new forensics tool for the mobile market - Mobile Marshal - which can extract better information from smartphone backups.