Web Advertising Specifications

Standard Banner Ad Sizes*

IDM Web site www.idm.net.au

728x90 (Leaderboard)

120x90 (Leaderboard)

468x60 banner

300x250 panel

300x100 panel

IDM Newsletter  (Gif,JPG only)

728x90 banner
468x60 banner

300x250 panel

300x100 panel

* For other banner sizings or configurations contact idm@idm.net.au

Flash Banner Ad Guidelines
All Flash files must be modified to be able to track click throughs by adding one or more clickTAGS.

Please see Adobe's official guide on how to set up a Flash file to use the clickTAG variable within Flash.


File Size Limit

Banners must be below 40 kb.

File Naming Conventions

Please avoid using the following characters in your file names: & * \ / ?