Enterprise Content Management

One of the biggest challenges for modern businesses isn’t being able to collect data, but finding a way to organize it systematically and using the data that piles up. Learning how to interpret random data points and unstructured information often proves to be more than some companies can handle, but it doesn’t have to be.

A chance encounter at a social media conference solved Taranaki Regional Council’s social media records compliance issues and now saves the communications team hours of work every week.

A new study reveals significant gaps between what enterprises want to implement and what they have actually accomplished with modern data sharing and advanced analytics. In essence, only a small percentage of enterprises surveyed are truly data-driven.

M-Files Corporation has  announced a partnership with solutions provider Fusion5 to address information management challenges for their customers across Australia and New Zealand.

Forge.AI, an artificial intelligence company that promises to transform the world's unstructured information into structured machine ready data, has received a $US11M funding boost.

More than 8 in 10 workers worldwide are forced to recreate lost documents already in existence, according to the 2019 Global Intelligent Information Management (IIM) Benchmark Report today released by M-Files Corporation.

Vyapin SPListX for SharePoint is an application designed to export document/picture library contents and associated metadata and list items, including associated file attachments to the Windows File System.

Sometimes we have no choice. The “I agree” buttons that now pop up all over the web may give us a chance to stop companies gathering our data. But when it comes to government we are often forced to hand over our details or miss out on essential services such as healthcare, education or social security.

Objectivity, Inc. has announced that its new metadata catalogue and analytics application, D*ChoC (Digital Chain of Custody), is available in beta version on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

LinkTek Corporation has released the latest version of its LinkFixer Advanced automatic link handling software, Version 4.4, promising to save companies moving to SharePoint thousands of hours in protecting their links during the migration.