SharePoint Global Navigation Solution

Total Solutions has launched the SharePoint Compass, aimed at streamlining SharePoint’s navigation. Total Solutions is a Microsoft-suite professional services, support, and product development firm based in Detroit, USA.

"Ease of navigation is one of the leading drivers of usability for any website,” said Scott Hendrickson, Vice President of Product Development at Total Solutions.

“We have heard from many of our clients over the years that they needed a better solution than SharePoint’s out-of-the-box navigation; that it did not meet their needs."

SharePoint’s inherent navigation struggles in many common applications including hybrid environments and the modern user interface. It also requires that power users or IT administrators spend hours each month ensuring that the navigation is consistent across site collections.

“The value proposition of SharePoint Compass is that it spans all kinds of environments, is so simple that any user could set it up, and is as customisable as code allows,” said Hendrickson.

“We believe that given the other options, to build or purchase bespoke solutions for tens of thousands of dollars, SharePoint Compass will be a highly preferable alternative.”

Total Solutions is now accepting requests for demonstrations of SharePoint Compass. Please visit for more information or to sign up for a demo.


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