GoodReader 5 PDF Reader for iOS

The launch of GoodReader 5 promises a fresh look and deeper document security for iPhone and iPad users.

GoodReader 5 delivers an all-new interface that makes viewing documents on an iPhone or iPad even easier – including a split-screen view for iPad which enables users to view two documents or even different sections of the same document simultaneously. This feature is especially useful for comparing documents such as drafts of contracts or researching for homework assignments.

GoodReader 5 offers a completely new user interface designed to be faster and more intuitive. Though current users will find the functionality and usability to be familiar, everything is new.

Usability improvements include:

  • A redesigned PDF viewer with smoother scrolling, zooming, and page turning.
  • A new way to read PDFs, featuring continuous "pageless" scrolling.
  • A new pictures viewer, including a more modern look and feel, smooth and fast image loading, and a quick preview bar of all pictures in the folder.
  • Split Screen (iPad only), enabling viewing of two files or different parts of the same file side-by-side.
  • A new PDF Reflow mode with a continuous "pageless" scroll of pure text extracted from a PDF, with a graphical preview of actual PDF pages shown at every page break.
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GoodReader 5 completely locks down documents with military-grade AES-256 encryption, making it nearly impossible to read stored documents should a device be lost or stolen. Even should the hacker unlock the stolen device, the documents stored inside GoodReader will remain protected.

Another new document protection feature is Secure Photocopy which can prevent both embarrassing and legal entanglements by blocking others from copying redacted text from a PDF. Secure Photocopy guarantees the total elimination of all redacted text and images, hidden and deleted pages.

There have been several high-profile cases in which lawyers failed to sufficiently redact portions of legal documents. The redacted portions of the documents were “hidden” by black bars but can easily be revealed by simply highlighting those bars and copying and pasting the text into a new document. GoodReader 5 will better secure documents and reduce the exposure and legal ramifications caused by improperly redacted files.

Key new security features of GoodReader 5 include:

  • Total document protection with military-grade AES-256 encryption for files and folders.
  • For users requiring the ability to export a sensitive document outside GoodReader, where GoodReader's own file encryption doesn't apply, there is now the ability to add password protection with strong AES-256 encryption to PDF files and ZIP archives.
  • Secure Photocopy, eliminating all traces of invisible, hidden or redacted information in a PDF file
  • Secure options for individual PDF pages: email, extract or export pages as a separate password-protected file, as a secure photocopy, or both


The new GoodReader 5 update is available to all users of GoodReader 4 for free, while the Pro-level features such as Split Screen, Encryption, Secure Photocopy and other security enhancements, are offered as part of the GoodReader Pro Pack as an in-app purchase.

GoodReader is currently available on the App Store for US$5.99 while users may purchase the Pro Pack as an in-app upgrade for the introductory price of US$5.99.

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