Enhanced Records Management in O365 and SharePoint

AvePoint has announced the general availability of AvePoint RevIM 3 Service Pack (SP) 2 . AvePoint says the new release allows administrators to easily apply automated business rules that manage the end-to-end content lifecycle in Office 365 and SharePoint and provides organisations with effective and efficient information management while eliminating the burden of traditional records management tasks for end users.

AvePoint RevIM 3 SP 2 features support for physical records – including files, folders, boxes, and locations. With AvePoint RevIM, organisations can manage physical information alongside electronic information through one centralised solution.

AvePoint says RevIM can be flexibly configured according to the way the business works, with records either centrally managed by the information manager or distributed to specific business areas, depending on the organisational model.

Physical records support includes new benefits for both information managers and end users:

Information managers have access to a centralised console for the management of all physical locations. They can set up and track records across buildings, shelves, boxes, and other locations as well as oversee the creation of new files and movement of physical records.

End users have the ability to see their physical records alongside electronic information. They can create new files or folders for existing records as well as request that files or folders be sent from an archive or storage location to themselves or another user.

Information Lifecycle Management and Reporting

In addition to supporting physical records, AvePoint RevIM 3 SP 2 also features new enhancements that enable information managers to improve information lifecycle management and reporting:

  • Support defensible deletion by retaining a stub of information that has been disposed of by authorisation as part of an approved process.
  • Assess and manage similar information as a single unit by applying the same business rule across SharePoint artifacts – including libraries, sites, and site collections.
  • Access robust reporting features for the full information repository, including both physical and electronic records as well as newly created content and information due for disposal.

“In the modern workplace, information managers have the challenging task of not only looking after physical and digital records – they must also ensure end users follow business and regulatory obligations when creating and disposing of information,” said Alyssa Blackburn, Manager of Information Strategy, AvePoint.

“AvePoint RevIM offers a flexible, centralised platform that allows information managers to oversee both physical and digital content throughout its full lifecycle while end users work the way they prefer without the burden of time-consuming records management tasks.”

AvePoint RevIM has been certified as compliant with the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) by the Public Record Office Victoria (PROV).


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